What is Truly Cruelty Free?

Truly Cruelty Free = cruelty free and vegan.

Truly Cruelty Free is a worldwide app and website currently in development that is designed to connect you with brands that make cruelty free and vegan products. You will be able to search by name, product type, brand or barcode. Refine results by colour, location, in store or online purchasing, and filter using tags like gluten free, palm oil free, toxin free and organic. See reviews by featured bloggers and other users. Tell everyone what you think of a product by creating a simple profile, or share your favourite products on social media.

The makeup world is full of hidden cruelty. From companies who are actively and needlessly testing their cosmetics on animals purely out of a desire for profit, to products which unnecessarily contain anything from sheep or cow, to insect by-products. We have done our research and we want to show you (and the cosmetics industry) that there is no place for these ingredients on our bodies.

There is no reason that we can’t all be the glamorous diva, naturally beautiful or sun-kissed-year-round-bohemian-babe that we desire to be, while respecting our fellow earthlings and using only Truly Cruelty Free products. Products from companies who do not test on animals – ever! – and who offer products free from any animal ingredients.

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❤️ the Truly Cruelty Free team